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ASK THE GAV': What's One Aspect of Life at BC That Is New to You This Year?

Ask the Gav’ is a series unique to the Features section of The Gavel. Here, we take the opportunity to chat with some of our members about anything and everything–from Spotify preferences to current campus events. The first edition for the fall 2021 semester is focused on sophomores, members of the class of 2024 who are not technically new to Boston College, but who are experiencing BC unlike they ever have before. We asked them:

What’s one aspect of life at BC that is new to you this year, and how has (or how will) it affected you?

Neal Bold, Sports Writer

Considering that almost everything is new for me this year, one thing that sticks out is just recognizing people around campus. I knew almost no one last year, but even if I did, I don’t think I would recognize them with masks on. So now that I can see everyone’s faces, it’s nice saying hello to people walking around or in the dining hall or wherever. Although last week I went up to someone who I thought was someone else, and the embarrassment of that moment has now made me question myself whenever I think I see someone I know. Also, without Zoom, I don’t know anyone’s names, so that doesn’t help.

Maggie Vaughn, Associate Opinions Editor

Some aspects of BC life that are new to me this year are in-person classes, clubs, football games, and more. Basically anything in-person is new. It’s definitely been affecting me since I have to figure out new time management and planning, which has been stressful. Obviously there are benefits, like meeting new people and being held accountable to pay attention in class, but I’ve definitely been more exhausted this year than last. It’s almost like being a second-year freshman–figuring out what my schedule should be and what I need to prioritize. So far it’s been great but definitely an adjustment. 

Minji Jeun, Copy Editor

I would say an aspect of life that’s new for me this year is how different all the spaces on campus seem after the capacity restrictions were lifted. We are finally getting to go to our first college events, club meetings, and social gatherings in-person. After last year’s restrictions, I definitely am not taking those things for granted ever again.

Catherine Gagulashvili, Associate Culture Editor

I think the energy on campus this semester is really different from last year, and a few people I’ve spoken with definitely agree with that sentiment. It feels like Boston College’s student body seems more connected this year, whereas last year felt more isolated. I don’t know if it was because wearing masks made us less willing to talk to people outside of our immediate circles or if it was just the fact that the pandemic was looming over our collective subconscious, but last year definitely didn’t have the same peppiness that this year does. Even though we’ve only been here a few weeks, I feel like I’ve already experienced so much of "normal BC" and have met so many people that have really helped define what this new chapter will become. I have really high hopes for this year, and even though I’m so grateful for having an in-person freshman year, I know that this year is going to be so much better. 

Gabriela Levitt, Opinions Writer

I had to think about it a little bit. There are obvious differences, like in-person clubs and fewer masks, but a huge difference for me is how the new environment is much more demanding for me to be present. I can’t hop on a Zoom call when I’m on the run anymore, mute myself or turn my camera off, take zoom meetings from pjs in bed, or that sort of thing. The expectation to be physically present in class, and extracurriculars demand me to be much more mentally present in a way I haven’t had to be since before COVID. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, but very different. While I feel like I’m getting more fulfillment and productivity out of my time, I’m way more tired by the end of the day than last year, and I’m still learning how to adjust. 

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