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Ask the Gav': How do You De-stress?

As we have officially moved through midterm season and into the thick of fall semester, we at The Gavel share: what activity, project, or technique is most beneficial for personally helping us to de-stress? 

Emmie Siddons, Sports Staff Writer

With midterm season in full swing, I find myself hunched over a desk for hours on end without even realizing the whole day has passed by. This seemingly never-ending cycle of work can be very stressful, and I often forget to leave time for myself. Being from California, I have always found that I'm most relaxed when near water, so whenever I’m feeling stressed, as cliché as this sounds, I grab my AirPods, turn on some music, and go for a walk around the Reservoir. There, I am able to get in a little exercise as well as clear my head; it also doesn’t hurt that it’s an incredible view.    

Tommy Milutin, Editorial Assistant 

​​I find that listening to new music and writing poetry are what centers me—and, of course, reading. I’ve been making my way through the Rolling Stones top 100 albums of all time. Checking out used bookstores in the city is great. And I write to tangibly record my thoughts, experience, and emotions in a given moment. Similar to mindfulness practices, poetry allows me to reflect and acknowledge how I am feeling without judgement. Also—satire. Classic “you gotta laugh to keep from crying.”

Jack Clark, Opinions Staff Writer

As someone who finds BC to be a rather stressful environment at times, I have developed just a few strategies on how to cope with stress on campus. This usually involves any form of distraction. Personally, I love to go on a walk around campus or around the Reservoir with my AirPods in, listening to a Spotify playlist of mine as a way of taking my mind off stressful things. I also love to converse with friends whenever I am stressed as I feel like venting to your friends who may also be stressed is a very helpful coping mechanism.

Lauren Blaser,  Co-Authentic Eagles Writer 

Spotify (really, music in general) is my savior when it comes to de-stressing. It’s an amazing release and escape because it’s so portable... I could be doing anything, anywhere, with the ability to play my favorite song of the moment on demand. The joy that brings me is SO necessary during weeks like the last few we’ve had, full of midterms and meetings and just general chaos. Music transports me to a different place in my head, one without panic and feelings of behind-ness. I couldn’t handle school (or life) without it.

Molly Wilde, Features Associate Editor

One thing that I love doing to de stress during midterm season is spending time outside! Fall is my favorite season, so I’ve been spending a lot of time running around the Res and taking walks on campus when the weather is nice. While it can be hard to motivate myself when I’m super busy, I’ve found that these are great ways to clear my head and refocus myself after a long day of classes.

Chris Halstead, Sports Staff Writer

​​When I’m stressed out I play chess. Almost unconsciously, I turn on and quickly begin to play a game. Something about the quick pace and intense focus makes me feel totally relaxed by the end. Except if I play and lose a few too many games... Then I’m just mad.

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