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Crossword—How Well Do You Know BC?


4. Campus home to a secret tunnel

6. Years ago was the best bar on campus

9. This band performed in the Rat when it served beer rather than mac & cheese

12. Named one of the "25 most beautiful" college libraries in the world

13. 2021 National Champions

14. Over ____ thousand alumni couples

15. Play and then movie serving as design inspiration for Fulton's atrium

18. Number of dining locations Boston College has


1. Free ____ during finals week

2. Yearly volleyball extravaganza on the last day of classes

3. Name of the self-served milkshakes served

5. Name of the renowned steak and cheese served at lower live

7. Subschool within BC campus located inside Campion

8. Heroes cloth; honored each year

10. Mile of the marathon which BC is located

11. Third most Instagrammed college building in the country

16. Name of our mascot before Baldwin

17. Notable movie star alumni


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