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Statement by Boston College's South Asian Student Association in Response to Hate Speech

The following statement was posted by Boston College South Asian Student Association (SASA) on their Instagram account (@bcsasa) on Wednesday, February 9.

This past weekend, there was a string of anonymous posts on the social media app Herrd containing racist stereotypes and hate speech towards South Asian members of the Boston College community. In addition to this, there were posts that singled out specific individuals in the South Asian community, negatively compared South Asians to other racial minority groups, and made assumptions intended to demean physical features/characteristics of South Asians. Although the original posts were deleted and the identity of who posted them currently remains anonymous, screenshots of the incident were obtained.

We, as the South Asian Student Association, fully denounce these actions and call for a proper solution to be implemented to address the ongoing culture of racism at Boston College. Although the posts were specifically directed towards South Asians, they represent an overall racist mindset that exists among many Boston College students.

Boston College claims to foster an environment where students are "men and women for others" and where students "feel they are valued members of [the] university," which is why we are calling upon the administration to take action. As a student organization committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the South Asian community and all students of marginalized identities, we plan to take steps to show that such incidents will not be tolerated on this campus.

Furthermore, we will be reaching out to collaborate with FACES, the anti-racist organization on campus, as well as Asian Caucus to properly address this issue with Boston College's Administration. The South Asian Student Association is open to all students at Boston College who need support and have questions/concerns, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Sincerely, South Asian Student Association of Boston College