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Ask the Gav': What's Your Favorite BC Memory?

Welcome to Ask the Gav’, a special series from Features where we ask several Gavelers a question about anything, ranging from childhood anthems to salient political experiences or beliefs, and you get to read their responses! Get to know us and our eclectic BC experiences better with this question:

What is your favorite BC memory?

Ryland Fiscus, Creative Team

One memory that stands out to me was my first tournament as a member of the Club Ultimate Disc team. We played six games over a single weekend, and although it was tiring, it was very rewarding to see everyone’s hard work from practice pay off. Part of what made the tournament so enjoyable for me was the other guys on the team. We had only been a team for a short time, but the energy on and off the field was incredible. With several more tournaments coming up on the horizon, I am very excited and look forward to competing alongside my teammates.

Lynnie Kiely, Opinions Staff Writer

My favorite memory is definitely the BC vs. Mizzou football game on parents’ weekend. My roommate,Lily, and I snuck onto the football field during the game! Lily and I looked at each other, with the idea, and the next thing we knew we were on the field. It was so much fun seeing our family and friends in the stands and not getting kicked off for whatever reason. We got to throw t-shirts into the crowd and everything! Storming the field after we won was also a ton of fun. We already knew the ropes about how to efficiently jump down! Regret not streaking though, there’s always next time…

Liam Dietrich, Managing Editor

On the surface, my best memory wouldn't seem like a good memory at all—it's the last few days before we all got sent home to quarantine in March of 2020. Even though it was really sad for the semester to be cut short, those five days showed me exactly how much my time at Boston College has meant to me. I spent the whole time surrounded by my closest friends—watching the sunset over the Res, storming the dining halls for cases of water and chips, and staying up until 4:00 am every night reminiscing about the 2/3 of a year we were lucky enough to have. It was a whirlwind of events, one after the other, and the whole time was tinged with sadness, but I wouldn't have changed those days for anything.

Sofia Smith, Features Staff Writer

I think my happiest BC memory so far has to be the first time it snowed this year. The energy on campus was unmatched and everyone just played in the snow the whole day, regardless of who you were or what year you were in. I just remember seeing people carrying an inflatable mattress as a sled outside my dorm and getting really excited! I was also really grateful for Crazy Dough’s still being open because it hit the spot after being in the cold all day.

Ian Kuster, Sports Staff Writer

My favorite memory at BC is probably storming the field after the football game vs Missouri. It was BC’s first 4-0 start in a long time, a parents’ weekend, and an overtime win, so naturally, everyone was extremely excited. It was awesome jumping around on the field and chanting and singing with my friends, peers, and football players. Football and Division 1 sports were a big reason I chose to come to BC so it was amazing to finally be able to experience that.

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