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Sophomore Year for '24s: Freshman Year Do-Over?

We already know that the class of 2024 didn’t have the normal freshman year everyone expects. But we also didn’t have the typical sophomore year. 

All throughout high school I was told that sophomore year of college was  inconsequential. Not much happens, few changes occur, just nothing noteworthy. I don’t think this is true for the class of 2024. Our sophomore year has been, what I boil down to, a freshman year do-over. This year, we’ve experienced all the things we’d typically get in our freshman year. Our first football game and tailgate, first Walsh/off-campus/mod party, Marathon Monday, Showdown, in-person clubs, strip mod, etc. – we’ve had all our firsts this year instead of last year. 

In a way, not having all these events last year made them that much more special when I experienced them for the first time this year. In those moments, that’s when I felt what being a BC student really meant. The constant shouting of “Go Eags!” or “sucks to BU!” embodies the student spirit which BC lacked our freshman year. In these moments I also felt a deep feeling of appreciation, which I don’t think I would have felt had I experienced these things normally my freshman year. I honestly didn’t even know how many people went to BC before this year because you hardly saw people walking between classes last year. Seeing Alumni Stadium filled for the first time a moment I will never forget.

I came into this year uncertain of what I was walking into. I often had second thoughts about BC because my experience freshman year wasn’t the school I committed to back in December 2019. However, after all these firsts, I am reassured that BC is my new home. It’s where all my best friends are, where I’ve made lifelong memories, and where I have so many new experiences in my future. 

And so, this is why I feel sophomore year has held more weight than it might have normally for the class of 2024. Sophomore year has a special place in my heart. Last year at this time I would have never imagined really considering Walsh my home. The big, ugly red brick building filled with mice, strange spills and smells, mold-filled showers, and half-working elevators has become my home. The oh-so spacious common room compared to the shoebox sized double is where so many memories happen. I could sit in my common room for hours on end with my roommates and the conversation never gets dull. Someone always has a pressing random thought that they have to share with everyone right then and there. I get so excited to come home at the end of the day, after all my classes, because I know I’m getting back to my best friends.

Sophomore year also holds a lot of importance to me because of the friendships I have fostered throughout this year. I came into the year only half-knowing a few of my 8-man roommates, but now they are my best friends. I imagine these will be some of the girls who are my bridesmaids at my wedding. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a BC wedding. 

Sophomore year has also made me really excited for the future, because now I know that it has so much potential. I get to live with all my best friends again next year in our off-campus house. I look forward to studying abroad, but I also know I’ll be missing my friends here back at BC. They’ll be living and growing together, and then I’ll come back not knowing three months of inside jokes, nights in our living room, walks to and from campus, and everyday life. But I will look forward to three months of summer with them in Boston. I’ll get to share all the memories I made in Australia, and I’ll get to hear about all the days I missed them. We’ll live each other's lives through face times and photos – so I’m not worried, but I know I’ll be thinking of them every day from across the globe because of this year. I’m already reminiscing on my time at BC because I’m nearing the halfway point. I wonder where the past 1.5 years have gone, but I look around me and I see all my best friends' faces and am reminded of the time that has been spent making my best friends.  

So, I don’t think sophomore year is as inconsequential as I was always told it would be. It’s been a year of firsts and friendships. It might be one of the most important years of my life, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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