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Meet This Year's Modstock Artist: Dominic Fike

As an academic year full of beloved traditions returning to campus wraps up, students are looking forward to bringing their semesters to a close with Modstock. The traditional concert on the last day of classes sponsored by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) will be coming back for the first time since 2019. Headlining Modstock 2022 is Dominic Fike, a singer and actor most well-known for his hit song “3 Nights” released in 2018 and for his portrayal of Elliot in the wildly popular HBO Max show Euphoria

Fike released his first EP titled Don’t Forget About Me, Demos in 2017 while he was under house arrest, catching the attention of some popular record labels and bringing him into the music scene. He re-released the EP the next year with Columbia Records and that same year, his song “3 Nights” became a hit single, reaching the top ten in Australia and the U.K. In 2019, Fike continued releasing singles and announced his North American tour Rain or Shine, lasting from August to October. He released his debut album in 2020, What Could Possibly Go Wrong, featuring another one of his hit singles “Chicken Tenders.”

Fike has also collaborated with other popular artists such as Brockhampton, Halsey, and Justin Bieber. These features by famous artists have helped him rise to fame in his own right. However, most people know Fike not necessarily as a singer or songwriter, but as Elliot in Euphoria. Introduced in the second season, Elliot becomes one of the main characters with an air of mystery. Fike has stated that playing Elliot doesn’t feel very much like acting since he feels like much of what the character says and does are things that he himself would do.

The last time Modstock happened on the BC campus was May 2019. The concert that year was headlined by Ayokay, Jeremy Zucker, and Chelsea Cutler. In 2018, Modstock featured B.o.B;. 2017 and 2016 hosted Louis the Child and T-Pain respectively. Over the years, Modsock artists have sometimes been controversial choices. B.o.B. came under scrutiny for his perpetuation of conspiracy theories, such as claiming the earth is flat or his anti-Semitic lyrics in certain songs. There have also been complaints that Modstock artists like Louis the Child weren’t particularly well-known or, in the case of T-Pain, past their prime. With Dominic Fike this year, some students were upset with the announcement, given that many didn’t even know who he was until this past week. However, excitement surrounding the return of the concert seems to be outweighing any potential qualms about the performer. Other artists that have graced the Modstock stage include Ludacris in 2015, Hoodie Allen in 2014, and Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis in 2013.

Modstock is a free event for all BC students and tickets can be claimed on the Robsham Theater website as long as supplies last. Similarly to other concerts this year, students will need to present their ticket and BC ID to enter the concert. Modstock will take place in the Mod Lot on May 5th at 5 p.m. with doors opening at 4:30 p.m.

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