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Mudstock: BC’s Messiest Tradition

The last day of classes every year is also the time of perhaps one of BC’s strangest traditions: Mudstock. Students gather for the annual volleyball tournament, an otherwise standard series of games in the mod lot, if it were not for the arena being filled with mud. As opposed to last year’s single game, this year CAB has organized it in a tournament style, providing plenty of opportunity for friendly competition. Slipping and sliding their way to victory, teams compete to come out on top as the mudstock champions.

With registrations having opened on April 11th, participating teams are selected via a lottery system. One may protest that leaving it up to luck is far from the best option, but in light of previous years’ events a lottery seems to be the best option. Per The Gavel, UGBC had to deal with people sleeping overnight in Maloney one year to gain a chance at registering, leaving others excluded from the registration process. To avoid a similar fiasco, they decided to move to a secret location the next day, prompting a mad dash across campus to find the registration booth. Mudstock has always been a very popular event, and the excess of participants is a testament to the event’s significance within the BC community.

Katherine Jaros (MCAS ‘23) first heard about mudstock freshman year from upperclassmen who were upset that it had been canceled due to COVID-19. Two years later, she is back to participate. As an intramural volleyball veteran, Jaros is confident in her teammates’ skill, competitiveness, and desire for victory. When asked about how the mud would affect things compared to standard intramural games, she commented about how the team would have to make minor changes to positioning, but that, “everyone on my team is going into the tournament with the expectation that they will be really muddy by the end of it.” However, winning is not everything to Jaros. “This seemed like a really great way to spend the last day of class before finals start,” she told the Gavel. “Even if we don’t win, it'll be fun just to play volleyball in the mud and hang out with friends.”

Brian Gardner (CSOM ‘23) is a mudstock veteran, this being his second year of participation. He and his intramural volleyball team, the Volley Llamas, eagerly threw their hat into the ring. The competition was another added bonus for Gardner. He is optimistic about his team’s chances in the tournament, being the victors of the Habitat for Humanity tournament and the last intramural mug. As for the mud, he described it as something he looked forward to. “It’s the messiness that makes it as fun as it is,” he said. “I’m excited to play with my friends and being a part of one of BC’s most cherished traditions!”

Marco Luo (MCAS ‘25) is not playing this year, but is eager to cheer on his friends on the Volley Llamas from the sidelines. First hearing about it at orientation and again when playing intramurals, he attributed a lot of interest in BC intramural volleyball to the event. When asked if he’d be interested in participating in next year’s tournament, he replied enthusiastically.

While Modstock is the main attraction to end off the semester’s classes, mudstock is a unique and fun tradition to check out. Equally messy and fun, checking out the tournament to root for your favorite team or even just watch the players set, spike, and slide through the court is sure to be a good time.

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