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Showcasing the Campus School at Boston College

For student volunteers, the Campus School has a massive role in their lives at Boston College. But, for other students at BC, the name only vaguely rings a bell among a copious list of clubs and organizations. Some may recognize the Campus School logo associated with the Lynch School of Education and Human Development. Others may remember UGBC’s Jack Bracher running this year’s Boston Marathon for the Campus School. Regardless of what the Campus School may be remembered for, the organization is one that deserves recognition in its work and dedication towards service and equity.

Located in Campion Hall, the Campus School at Boston College has been one of the university’s biggest initiatives towards the education and growth of students with complex learning needs. Many of these students have conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), and Autism Spectrum Disorder that prevent them from being able to attend traditional school settings. Thus, students with these disorders or a low incidence disorder can work with their district to enroll in the Campus School, which provides them with a unique opportunity to learn in an accessible environment.

According to the Campus School website, the organization’s goal is “to provide a personalized education for students ages 3 to 21 with extensive support needs, including complex health care needs.” The school provides a specialized curriculum for its students so that each student has their physical, medical, and emotional needs met while at the school. The Campus School is also able to test new technologies that help advance student learning such as eye tracking softwares.

Co-President Maggie Droney says, “The Campus School has been somewhere I have called a second home the past four years at BC. What I love most about the Campus School is the sense of community and the passion that everyone has. The teachers and staff there are some of the most authentic, loving people I have met, and that is truly something special. The resilience of the students and families is incredible. I am going to miss the Campus School beyond words next year.”

Recently, the Campus School carried out their biggest fundraiser for this year, the Run N’ Roll. This 5k, starting at Linden Lane, managed to raise over $45,000 for the school and its work. Runners who signed up and donated to the event were greeted at the finish line with free t-shirts, brunch, and a cheering section of students and supporters. Everyone could also enter raffles for exciting  prizes such as BC merchandise and gift cards. One Boston College student remarked, “The energy at the 5k was so exciting and I felt really motivated to run because of the vibe that was all around us.”

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