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Photo Courtesy of Maggie Vaughn

Boston Protests The Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Thousands of people gathered in Copley Square the evening of Friday, June 24, to protest the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which stripped the federal protection on abortion. 

The organizers of the protest, The Boston Party for Socialism and Liberation, gathered various speakers to encourage and empower the group standing outside of Boston Public Library. Speakers included Gabby Ballard and Ava, who both work for the The Boston Party for Socialism and Liberation, and a speaker named Mandy, who organized a community campaign in Allston to promote trans rights. A woman named Laura, who works at Planned Parenthood, was working the abortion clinic that morning when she heard the news and also spoke about her experience. 

All types of people held signs littered with variations of the same message: my body, my choice. Other signs featured statements such as “If the baby you are protecting is gay, would you still be fighting for its rights?” and “We dissent state enforced pregnancy.”

Crowds chanted rally cries of “when they go back, we fight back” and “the people united will never be defeated.” The chants were followed by clapping and heartfelt yells for freedom. Protestors looked at each other in solidarity, raising their signs higher with each scream. 

Helicopters covering the event hovered over the loud screams of the protestors. Photographers and even a few TV cameras swarmed the area.

The stationary protest in Copley Square turned mobile as the large crowd made their way through Boston to the State House. The crowd slowly moved away from the library, taking over the streets, stopping traffic as they went. About 30 minutes after most protesters left the area, police on motorcycles were seen heading towards the state house, seemingly following the large protest. A few hours later, protestors were seen littering Boston Common, signs held at their side and a look of exhaustion on their faces.

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