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Ask the Gav': Restaurant Faves

Boston is a city filled with some of the best restaurants in the country. With all of the options it offers, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with which ones are really worth the visit. Sure, the North End is always a safe bet, but what about the other, more hidden gems within the city? In this Ask the Gav', Gavel members picked their favorites with fantastic reasonings. 

Ana Ibarra, Opinions Staff Writer

Barcelona: Located in Brookline and the South End (with a new location in Cambridge soon), Barcelona is a Mediterranean, Spanish, and South American influenced restaurant. They are known for their tapas and wide array of wines. It is close to Tappan Street, a stop on the C Line. 

“Barcelona is a go-to for catching up with friends on a weekend night or weekend morning for their brunch. All of their small plates are perfect for sharing and I’ve never had anything I haven't loved there.”

Liam Conner, News Associate Editor

Wusong Road Tiki Bar: Right outside of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Wusong Road is a tiki bar with roots in both American and Chinese culture, two things that they recognize are not usually connected. This hidden gem of a restaurant is two stories, with the first floor focusing on Hong Kong styled snacks and drinks, and the upstairs housing more of a bar-like atmosphere. If you are up for the adventure, guests are able to reserve a duck in advance to enjoy either to-go or in-house. 

“Its proximity to Harvard Square makes it just one of the many go-to spots in the area and the well-priced food is delicious. Have to try the bao or lo mein when you go.”

Sofia Smith, Authentic Eagles Editor

Union Oyster House: Claiming to be America’s oldest restaurant, Union Oyster House is one of the most traditional restaurants a person could find in Boston. With almost every item being some form of seafood, people know what to expect when visiting this restaurant (and continue eating there for good reason). It is located near Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston. 

“I went to the Union Oyster House last semester with my family since our go-to oyster bar in Boston shut down. I wasn’t the most excited about going but I was blown away by how delicious everything was. I love seafood and the atmosphere of the place was so cute and unique. It’s not the cheapest meal, of course, but I definitely recommend anyone who likes seafood to check it out once!”

David Reddig, News and Culture Staff Writer 

Salumeria Italiana: With its primary focus being authentic Italian groceries, Salumeria Italiana also houses a deli and sandwich store. Visitors can attest to the homemade feel of the market, with every ingredient having been carefully handpicked by the staff. This market is located in the North End. 

“Salumeria Italiana is a must-stop destination in the North End of Boston. Tucked away on a smaller street in Little Italy, it comes across as a quaint Italian grocery store on the outside, but on the inside, it is filled with plenty of heart and the opportunity to have one of the best sandwiches of your life.”

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