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Guide to Finding a Job On-Campus

Let’s face it: going back to school is expensive. Between furnishing your dorm, buying textbooks that you may not even end up opening, revamping your wardrobe to keep up with microtrends, and getting bulk packages of ramen, I’m sure everyone’s bank account has been taking a hit as we are getting back to the BC grind. 

Don’t let your debit card balance plummet at the same rate as your grades. With so many openings for employment on campus, here are some of the easiest and most common ways to get your money up during the school year. And, most importantly, offerings are flexible to fit your busy schedule. For a complete list, see the Office of Student Services’ on- and off-campus job listings, updated regularly throughout the academic year.

BC Dining

As the largest employer on campus, you’re very likely to find an opening at one of the many dining locations (but applying earlier in the semester may give you a better chance at working at a preferred location). You can work any meal of the day at Stuart, Mac, or Lower, operate dinner at Addie’s—which is completely student-run, be part of "rat-tastic" days at The Rat for breakfast, lunch, and late night, make some coffee and Mediterranean-esque bowls at Tully, or keep us all sufficiently caffeinated while working at The Chocolate Bar, Hillside, or The Market. If you won’t be able to work consistently for any reason, the Heights Catering also hires students for special events. 

To apply for a position, use this link to fill out an availability form and send it to the appropriate dining hall manager. Workers receive competitive wages and get a free meal during their shift. 


BC is home to eight libraries (allegedly—I challenge you to name them all) that need workers. Students can work at the front desk or maintain the stacks in the libraries around campus, or in the tech help center in O’Neill. The hours are flexible to work around your existing schedule, and since some libraries are open 24 hours, this job may be perfect for the nocturnal type. To prepare for this job, I recommend a few repetitions of obnoxiously shushing your roommates. My personal favorite library is the Educational Resource Center in Campion, so if you work there, you may have the privilege of inevitably renting me a computer charger.

Reach out to bclstudentemployment@bc.edu to express your interest in a position at one of the libraries, or visit the different library offices.

Connor’s Family Learning Center 

The Connor’s Family Learning Center (CFLC) is tucked away on the second floor of O’Neill. The CFLC offers peer tutoring opportunities, open 6 days a week (not Saturdays—no need to miss a tailgate) in order to fit your class schedule. You can work as a Writing Tutor to help your classmates organize their semester-long papers that they saved for the last possible minute and work across various departments. Another tutoring position available is working as a Peer Tutor, where you can commit to tutoring in one particular subject. If you’re in your shift and have no tutoring appointments, you will have some quality downtime where you are actually paid to sit in a library and do your own homework. 

Visit the Student Employment interface of the CFLC page to see the Writing Tutor and Peer Tutor applications. If interested in the Writing Tutor position, send an expression of interest and your resume to Dr. Cecilie Joyner at cecilie.reid@bc.edu alongside the application form.

Campus Recreation

Calling all the gym bros. Working for campus rec is a super popular option at BC. Between the Plex on Lower and the Hut on Newton, there are a variety of positions available at the gyms. Both gyms hire students to scan gym-goers at the front desk, rent out equipment at the equipment desk, or clean and organize equipment. The Plex also hires group fitness instructors, lifeguards, and intramural referees, though these positions are highly coveted and more hands-on than passively sitting at the front desk and verifying month-old BC checks.

Check out these listings, or reach out to Rebecca Cegledy at cegledy@bc.edu to inquire about some of the Plex-specific positions.

Department Positions

Academic departments often hire students to work as assistants. Responsibilities may include administrative busy work, sitting at front desks, or small research projects. Certain departments (mainly in STEM fields) hire lab and research assistants. Working in an academic department, especially one where you intend to major or minor, is a great way to get to know faculty who could potentially pull some strings for you if you’re trying to get a spot in a full class. 

Some department openings are posted here, but reaching out to professors or department heads either over email or in person are other great ways to score a job. 

Call Center

Positions as telemarketers in the Cadigan Alumni Center on Brighton Campus are super lucky to come by. This job has hours that will likely fit your schedule because the shifts are largely in the evenings or on Sundays and provide a great opportunity to get some homework done during your shift (on BC’s dollar) because most calls likely get declined by parents who don’t want to pay more than they already have. However, in the scenario that someone actually answers, you have the opportunity to strike up a fun conversation with a recent or old alum, or you can get better at facing rejection when you get told “no” repeatedly.

Visit the Call Center Website to learn more and to apply to this position, or email Cynthia Figueroa at figuercy@bc.edu


If you are looking for a job outside of the BC bubble, babysitting for local Newton families is a popular student job. This gig is super flexible—families may be looking for either a more permanent hire or a last-minute sitter to hold down the fort while the parents go on a date night. There is a Facebook group for Newton families that have been hiring BC students for years. Most families will likely pay very handsomely, and increasingly so for multiple kids. 

Join the Facebook group here to look for babysitting opportunities. 

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