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Crossword: BC Social Justice Clubs

Have you found yourself a month into school and wanting to get involved with more student organizations? Below, find a list of social-justice-oriented clubs to get involved with. Test out your crossword puzzle skills and learn about some fantastic student organizations! 


1. spreads awareness about international human rights issues to the BC community.

6. takes an intersectional lens when discussing gender and sexuality topics.

8. committee which advocates for increased inclusion and accessibility at BC.

9. raises funds for safe surgical care for people in developing countries with cleft lip and cleft palate conditions.

10. “aims to empower Boston College to take climate action, including divestment from fossil fuels.”

13. educates and engages the BC community in current sustainability topics and its goal towards making BC a more sustainable campus.

15. helps low-income students, students with disabilities, and first-generation college students succeed academically.

17. teaches art workshops at a women’s prison in Framingham, MA.



2. raises funds and provides support for active military members and veterans.

3. encourages students to speak about mental health topics to show support to those with mental health challenges/reduce stigmas surrounding mental health.

4. focuses on providing clean drinking water to developing countries.

5. revamps old clothing into new, stylish pieces in a sustainable manner.

7. service club that supports families and children in the Allston-Brighton community.

11. raises the spirits of those in retirement homes by creating art for elders.

2. progressive student voice of BC.

14. provides means of support to the LGBTQ+ community at BC and off campus.

16. “Anti-racist organization committed to educating the BC community on the issues of race, identity, and systems of power and privilege.”



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