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NFL Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre Steals Millions from Mississippi Welfare

Former quarterback and Hall of Famer, Brett Favre, is being sued by the Mississippi Department of Human Services for taking over “$20 million from the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families anti-poverty program.” 

In a story that has had relatively little coverage in major news networks, the state is claiming that Favre used some of the money for a new volleyball facility at the University of Southern Mississippi by funneling it through a non-profit in Mississippi. Favre attended Southern Miss, as does his daughter, who currently plays on the volleyball team there. The former Mississippi governor, Phil Bryant, who allegedly assisted Favre, also attended the school. 

In texts that have surfaced in recent weeks during the case, Bryant and Favre communicated with each other about this plan as far back as 2017. In the texts, the two of them discussed the plans to take the money and whether or not they would be caught for doing it. 

Nancy and Zachary New, who helped run the Mississippi Community Education Center, pled guilty to misspending money and have agreed to testify against others that they were involved with, which potentially includes Favre and Bryant. There were additional texts that surfaced between Nancy New and Favre that discuss how they planned to get away with stealing the money. New even mentioned Bryant’s name in the texts saying “[he] is on board.” 

This investigation began in 2020 when a state auditor came to investigate $98 million that was misspent by the state of Mississippi. Favre immediately came into question because he was paid $600,000 for several speeches he gave. However, he returned the money after finding out it was intended for the anti-poverty program. This did not stop him from taking the other money that he gave to Southern Mississippi. 

While this is an enormous story, it has had very little coverage. When something like Kevin Durant requesting a trade is constantly discussed for months on end, it is surprising that this story does not get more national attention. In fact, news outlets such as ESPN, First Take, The Herd, and more, have all discussed this issue, but not to the extent of other stories. 

The story is especially sad because if this story is found to be true, many people have been affected by Favre and the others involved, as millions of dollars can truly go a long way for people that need it. Unfortunately for those people, they have to wait for a court case that will certainly take a long time, especially after Favre hired Eric Herschmann, who served as Donal Trump’s senior advisor while he was in office and has defended Trump in his January 6th case. 

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