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Diatribe: The Horrors of Finding a Halloween Costume

The Gavel's Diatribe acts as the satirical medium for short rants over topics ranging from complete triviality to utmost importance.

Recently, I ventured to Spirit Halloween to find a costume to wear once and then shove in my closet to never look at again. The perfect costume has to show that I can be funny and creative but still look cute! Amazon’s promising delivery date of November 14th-22nd gave me no hope.

Roaming through the aisles of overpriced and outlandish costumes that will leave me shivering on the late October Halloweekend weather, I tried to choose a costume that wasn’t painfully unfunny or overdone. After picking out a costume I thought would do, my smile faded fast when I read the price tag: 70 dollars for the cheapest, ugliest material for a frankly mid costume? I don’t think so. Though I have always loved going to Spirit Halloween, I found myself disappointed.

Have I been romanticizing Spirit Halloween all this time?. 

Finding a costume that hasn't been done to death is a struggle, a mountain to climb that I fear I will never summit. Clearly my costume is the most important aspect of Halloween–forget seeing my friends or heading off campus to desperately try and find a junior gracious enough to let some freshmen in. It's difficult not to fall victim to the trap of being a devil, cat or Playboy Bunny because of how much cheaper it is to throw together something with items I already have. The satisfaction of my legs freezing off so I look the perfect balance of sexy and cute is just too tempting. The cheesy costumes at Spirit Halloween like a priest (sorry Father Leahy) or the one of you being carried by an alien are just not cutting it anymore

I’ve been seeing Halloween costumes everywhere I go in my pursuit of the perfect look. My nightly Breaking Bad binges have me wanting to be Walter White, but my desire to also look cute has me wanting to be Regina George or Tinkerbell.

Outside of my binging habits, I have been seeing costume potential all over campus. My sexy Perspectives professor? The girl who is always slaying her outfits on campus? Maybe some Rat sushi? How about a BC athlete so I can scooter around all night? The possibilities for what to dress as and who to be for the night are endless, and it's gotten to the point of creating a costume out of every event that unfolds during the day.

Halloweekend is making me lose my mind. 

At the end of the day, I have come to terms with the fact that I will probably not find the ultra-unique yet affordable costume that I was hoping to find this year. I will probably succumb to the pressure and be a cat or devil. Until then, I will think of what could have been this Halloween, and let the same cycle repeat next year.

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