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Women's Center "Love Your Body Week" Preview

During the week of November 7th, the Boston College Women’s Center (BCWC) will host Love Your Body Week (LYBW): a celebration of the many ways in which our bodies exist, adapt, and thrive. The event’s purpose is to promote healthier body image among Boston College students in an interactive and enjoyable way. 

The BCWC offers resources for all gender identities on campus, ranging from the sexual assault hotline (SANet) to Thrive, a sophomore-senior mentorship program. The Center is located in Maloney Hall Room 441 and is open for students to do homework, chat, or find a safe and relaxing space amidst the busy college atmosphere.

Yet within the calm ambience of the Center, the LYBW team has been working hard at coordinating and finalizing event logistics. LYBW consists of a student athlete panel, speaker events of varying topics, and two exercise classes: Celebrate Movement Yoga and Positive Spin Class. Caroline Frantz, MCAS ‘23, is an undergraduate staff member at the BCWC and a part of the coordination team for LYBW. Frantz hopes that these events will remind students that body image is something everyone struggles with, and to appreciate everything our bodies do.

“I’m most excited for the talk on student athlete body image with Dr. Kristina Moore,” Frantz said. “I love hearing her speak, and I think it’s an important conversation to have on campus where athletics are so popular.”

While the concept of body image has existed long before LYBW, 20 years of LYBW events and posters have garnered attention and success.

“Every LYBW is different because the students who create the programs work to understand the needs of the student body,” said Kathryn Dalton, director of the BCWC. “Ten years ago, the programming for those students was not less relevant, but just catered to student’s needs at the time.”

The Center is excited to host another year of celebrating body positivity. If you have any questions, email Here is a detailed list of the upcoming week's events:

LYBW Events:

  • 11/7: Menstrual Health with Dr. Schick at 7PM in Fulton 210
  • 11/8: Body Image: Student Athletes’ Uphill Battle with Dr. Moore at 7PM in Higgins 300
  • 11/9: Celebrate Movement Yoga at 8AM in Connell MPR
    • How Disney Lied to Us! with Prof. Rudner at 12PM in Maloney 414
    • Colorism in Different Cultures at 7PM in 245 Beacon, Room 229
    • Positive Spin Class at 8:15PM in Connell Spin Studio
  • 11/10: Head scarves and Hijabs at 5PM in 245 Beacon, Room 102
    • Hair Justice in MA at 6:30PM in 245 Beacon, Room 102
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