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7 Best Coffee Shops Near Boston College

By this point in the semester, I can imagine I’m not alone in my crippling caffeine addiction. As someone who has gotten a little bit sick of Boston College dining’s stale coffee and is also saving their precious Flex dollars, I think it’s safe to say that this is a topic that I am quite knowledgeable on. Whether you’re sick of your Dunkin’ order or want to go “do homework” in a coffee shop for the vibes, this list should give you a solid idea of where to buy $7 lattes. Better yet, all of these places are super easy to get to—either walking distance, just off the green line, or some combination of the two!

Fuel America

Fuel America is a gem located right in BC’s backyard. Just a brief walk away on Chestnut Hill Ave, Fuel offers delicious brews with beans sourced from Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia. Seats are hard to come by in CoRo cafe and The Chocolate Bar—Fuel is a great spot to park with your laptop and get some work done while sipping on a satisfying coffee. And hot take, Fuel America’s açaí bowls definitely rival (if not beat) Playa Bowls. 

My recommendation: The flavor shots at Fuel America are my go-to. I love the honey flavor in my latte. It adds the perfect smooth sweetness—it’s such a comforting drink. 

Cafe Brazil

Cafe Brazil, as the name may suggest, is a Brazilian bakery just down Commonwealth Ave. It’s very easy to get to on the green line (I’m noticing a theme) and has a very relaxing vibe, in my experience. The Brazilian pastries and breads fill the cafe’s space with amazing smells—if not for the delicious, house-brewed coffee, I’d venture to say it’s worth it just to get some fresh bread. 

My recommendation: Keep it simple and go with a hot cup of coffee, but definitely check out the pastries. 

Pavement Coffeehouse

Pavement Coffeehouse is a personal favorite. The vibes are hipster, which is how you know you’re about to spend a little too much money on a top-tier cup of coffee. To get there, just take the Boston College green line to Harvard Avenue. From there, it will literally be just to your left. There are a few locations throughout Boston—this one is just closest to campus! Pavement also offers a ton of breakfast options, including delicious bagel sandwiches that even a New Yorker like myself would endorse. The coffee, food, and vibes overall make for the perfect place for you to take yourself out on a coffee date.

My recommendation: If you’re in the mood for something sweet and seasonal, I’d recommend any of their maple coffees. My favorite is the hot maple latte, made with pure Vermont maple syrup. 

Tatte Bakery and Cafe

I would be flattering myself to think that this guide is your introduction to Tatte, but this Boston-born cafe is worth all of the hype. There are two locations super close by: one in Newton Center, and one in Brighton just down the green line. You can take the Cleveland Circle line or the BC line to get to that location in about the same amount of time! If you take the C, get off at Coolidge Corner, and if you take the B, get off at Harvard Ave.

My recommendation: The kabocha squash latte is seasonal and definitely weird, but actually pretty good in my professional opinion.


Cafenation is just a short walk away from campus, and a great distance for off-campus juniors to walk to on a slow weekend—right across from the all-timer Jim’s Deli. This coffee shop perfectly encapsulates a cozy diner vibe with some yummy pastries on a rotating basis that are definitely worth checking out. 

My recommendation: You can’t go wrong with a classic iced coffee with your preferred milk, and Cafenation does it just right. I have been meaning to try out the mint chip syrup though…

Cafe Fixe

Cafe Fixe is an adorable and quaint coffee and tea shop on Beacon Street. The menus change quite often, which justifies wanting to keep going back all the time. To get there, hop on the C line and get off at Washington Square. 

My recommendation: The espresso-based drinks are great. I think about the foam in the cappuccino I ordered pretty often. 

Temptations Cafe

Nothing will ever beat a latte with a foam heart, which is what endears Temptations Cafe to me. This breakfast and lunch spot puts a Lebanese twist on classic, comforting items. Temptations is located just by Coolidge Corner—which means you can take the C line a few stops and keep this trip quick, or you can make a day out of it and check out some other cool shops nearby.

My recommendation: You’ve gotta go with the chocolate chip cookie and coffee combo.

If you aren’t already dependent on caffeine, this article is a great place to start. These recommendations are only within a short distance from campus, but if you’re willing to invest a little more time into your coffee run, I’m sure you’ll find more great spots in Beantown. My morning cup of coffee is one of my favorite and most calming parts of my day – finding new and fun ways to elevate this routine is an easy self-care ritual.

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