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The Rise and Fall of "Kimye"

At this point, most everyone knows who Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are, and it is evident that Kanye’s problematic behavior has reached its peak level of controversy. West’s recent actions have deeply affected communities outside of his inner circle, but his family has been the explicit focus of many of his recent outbursts. When looking at the timeline of Kim and Kanye’s relationship, it’s clear how impactful they were on each other and the public; their relationship is under the spotlight again, but not for being the glamorous, iconic couple they used to be portrayed in the media as. Now, taking center stage are very public arguments about their four children and the trauma he is putting his family through as a result of his humiliating downfall. 

From the beginning of their relationship in 2012, the two consistently made headlines for pop culture-centered points of interest, such as West revamping Kardashian’s (and subsequently the whole Kardashian clan’s) style, their ever-expanding family, or, most familiar to us now, the rapper’s Twitter rants and mental health issues. Despite all of the drama they were involved in over the years, they continued to persevere, and even renewed their vows and had a fourth child in 2019. However, during the coronavirus shutdown, it was reported things began to turn for the couple, with West being more “focused on creating” than parenting, and stating at a rally in July 2020 for his presidential campaign that, “I almost killed my daughter [via abortion]... So even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into the world, even when I didn't want to… She stood up, and she protected that child.” Finally, in February of 2021, Kardashian filed for divorce. 

After pining for months over his ex-wife and in the aftermath of Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson’s relationship in November 2021, West posted many rants bashing the couple on social media. West rapped about “beating Pete Davidson’s ass,” harassing Kardashian for letting North have a TikTok, keeping him from his daughter Chicago’s birthday, and eventually posting a screenshot of a text from Kardashian, saying his actions were putting her family, specifically Davidson, in danger. Through the social media outbursts, however, he ironically continued to post about how much he loved Kardashian, causing many to view his actions as harassment and public humiliation.

The two have always had a very public relationship; they have never been able to keep much about their dynamic away from prying eyes. While the public loved the many elaborate and grand gestures West did for Kardashian when she reciprocated the affection, continuing to publicly guilt her with abhorrent displays of affection crosses multiple boundaries.

Throughout 2022, West has cyclically spewed hatred on social media regarding Davidson, Kardashian, his kids, his business, or seemingly anything else that comes to mind. These posts seem to be deleted after one moment, though they eventually reappear on the artist’s profiles. 

His most recent October outbursts, however, are his most infamous of all. 

In the past few weeks, West has continued to claim that Kim won’t let him see their children and fought over Instagram with Kardashian’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, about his absence from daughter Chicago’s birthday. Additionally, he continues to post that he would rather his children go to his yet-to-be-accredited school, Donda Academy. In communicating these thoughts, West revealed where his children currently attend school, forcing Kardashian to hire extra security where their children are educated. Not only has he been ruining ties with his family, but in October, he promoted “White Lives Matter” merchandise and posted violently antisemitic tweets and Instagram posts. Because of these offensive public outbursts, he was dropped by his talent agency, his collaboration with Adidas was terminated, and he reportedly lost two billion dollars in one day from alienating his many corporate partners. 

West’s inappropriate behavior has been in the spotlight for over a decade now, and after saying slavery was a choice in 2018, his current offensive behavior unfortunately isn’t too surprising for many fans. 

One of the most upsetting parts of this situation is that West is putting his wife and four children, all under nine years of age, in humiliating, traumatizing situations, even placing them in danger. Though most of West’s anger is directed at Kardashian and is supposedly out of love for their children, posting about his family for millions to critique and make a mockery of is disgusting. There’s no doubt that the public needs to hold West accountable for his hugely offensive language, but there also needs to be an acknowledgment of how we consume the narratives about his own family that he continues to post.

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