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Top 10 Flo Rida Songs We NEED to Hear on Marathon Monday

Does Flo Rida, like our friend Jason Derulo, want to run a marathon in us? We’re going to find out, because Boston College has officially announced that the rapper is coming to perform on campus during Marathon Monday. Starting his career with the help of DJ Khaled in 2006, Tramar Dillard (Flo Rida’s given name) has a discography that most people growing up in the 2000s are ready to hear live. With that being said, here are 10 Flo Rida songs you should know before seeing the accomplished artist.


1. Whistle

Starting off with a bang (Bang.), Flo Rida released “Whistle” in 2012 as an addition to his fourth album. Remember that kid in your elementary school that wouldn’t stop whistling once he figured out how to do it? He was probably whistling this song. But don’t worry, you won’t get tired of it when Flo Rida raps this banger at 9 am on a Monday morning.


2. Good Feeling

Another song released in 2012, “Good Feeling” took the world (and my mother for some reason) by storm with its upbeat tune. It became a Top Ten hit in 16 different countries and was featured on Just Dance 4. If my mother downloaded this song on her old iPod touch, it’s got to be a good listen. 


3. Right Round

Whether it’s Flo Rida himself or the Pitch Perfect cast, “Right Round” is a song few people dislike. Sampled from Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record),” Flo Rida released this song in 2009 to your first grade class at recess. You won’t see me spinning like a record though because I’ll get too dizzy.


4. My House

I literally cannot wait for Flo Rida to call the Maloney Lawn his house. My dad really liked this song and played it in our minivan so much I started to hate it. Nevertheless, after years of not remembering this song existed, I am ITCHING for that music to be played too loud. 


5. Wild Ones

What are wild ones doing at BC? Well, all the wild ones will love this next song featured on the same album as “Whistle.” Sia’s in this song! SIA. I know she probably won’t be there, but you never know. They could bring out a mop with that wig on and I’d be excited.


6. Club Can’t Handle Me

Boston’s nightlife definitely can handle us, but don’t tell Flo Rida that. “Club Can’t Handle Me” features David Guetta, another icon of the 2010s. I don’t really have much to say about this song, it’s just a damn good song. If Flo Rida doesn’t play it, I’ll be moderately disappointed. 


7. I Cry

Let me preface, this song is NOT the time to start breaking up with your girlfriend. I don’t want to see a single tear during this song! I am the most emotionally vulnerable person on this campus and I won’t be crying, especially if this song is playing. 



I know what you came to Marathon Monday to see. Probably not this song. But, guys, it’s still a great song. “GDFR” was released a little bit later in Flo Rida’s career in 2015. I’ve watched people grind on each other to this song at the 5th grade dance. I don’t have any comments on that, just wanted to let y’all know. Please don’t follow their lead.


9. I Don’t Like it, I Love it

Another 2015 moment, “I Don’t Like it, I Love it” is a song only real Flo Rida stans remember. I actually cannot confirm whether this is true but I remember it. I’m not sure if he’ll end up playing this hidden gem, but if he does you’ll be glad you listened to it when you know the words and everyone else just stands there like they did for the majority of the Dominic Fike concert.


10. Low

Last but certainly not least, everyone and their moms will be getting low to this song. This is Flo Rida’s magnum opus. His Mona Lisa. His Running of the Gingers. I know all of you already know this song, so I’ll keep it brief. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m wearing apple-bottom jeans to this concert.


Regardless of whether you know ten songs or two songs, everyone should be excited to see Flo Rida on April 17th bright and early. Bring your borgs, your sunglasses, and the essence of an 8th grade dance to Maloney Lawn for the concert of a lifetime.


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