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Birdball Tops Georgia Tech in a Weekend Series

This past weekend, Boston College Baseball played Georgia Tech in a best of three series in which they won two of the three games. Entering the weekend, BC was 18-5 and ranked No. 13 in the nation, whereas Georgia was unranked with a record of 16-9. Predictably, the Eagles managed to dispatch the Yellowjackets in what was an exciting series at Harrington Athletics Village in Brighton, Massachusetts. 

Friday’s game was a disappointing loss for the Eagles. Pitcher Henry Leake started the game and gave up five runs by the third inning. The scoring was started by Finley, who got a double in the first, to drive in Campbell. However, the reason behind most of the Yellowjackets’ points was Drew Compton. He hit a single in the first, and a double in the third to drive in four runs total and make the score 5-0 in what seemed to be an early blowout.

The Eagles didn’t score for the next two innings, but eventually got a run in the sixth with Travis Honeyman scoring off a double play. This success continued into the seventh inning as Wang and Walsh managed to drive in Cimini and Burns to turn what looked like an easy win for Georgia into a competitive game.

As the eighth rolled around, Boston College’s defense held for the fifth straight inning by putting away the first three batters they saw. The bottom of the inning had an exciting start with Roche doubling to left field to score Vetrano, making it 5-4. Next at bat, Leary flew out to center field, but this allowed the tying run to advance to third with only one out. Unfortunately, this is where the Eagles’ luck ran out, as both Cimini and Burns struck out to end the inning and effectively the game as Boston College couldn’t rally in the ninth.

Saturday’s game went better for the Eagles as they managed to win in a defensive battle. Starting pitcher Chris Flynn led the way as he threw for six innings and only gave up one run despite the Yellowjackets managing six hits. Their only run came in the sixth inning as Romano doubled to left center, but wasn’t of any concern to BC as they had already scored three runs. 

Building off their late success in the previous game, the Eagles' runs came in the third and fifth innings off the bats of Vince Cimini and Travis Honeyman. Cimini homered to left field with the first at bat in the bottom of the third. Honeyman hit his home run to left field with Walsh on base and two outs already in the inning. Their efforts allowed the Eagles to tie the weekend series at 1-1, and beat a team they were favored against. 

The final game in the series was once again the most exciting, and this time, it ended in spectacular fashion. Lasting about four hours, the final score of this game was a 24-12 Boston College victory. 

The game started with an exciting first inning, which only made sense in such a game. Both teams scored three runs apiece with Dispigna hitting a three run homer for GT, and Roche responded in the bottom of the first with a three run shot of his own.

From there, the teams each quieted down for a little bit. Boston College got another home run off the bat of Nick Wang in the third making it 5-3, but GT responded the next inning with a solo shot from John Giesler. However, no runs were scored until the seventh inning, leaving the crowd in a nervous suspense for several innings.

The Eagles finally broke through the Yellowjackets’ pitching once more in the seventh inning. However, most of these runs were not due to the Eagles' hitting, but instead GT's series of errors. Of the seven runs scored this inning, only the first two were earned as they came off of Burns’ double. The rest were unearned and were mainly due to the calamity of errors that was the Yellowjackets’ defense. By the end of the game, they tallied 4 errors, many of them coming in the seventh inning.

Boston College was now up 12-4, and it seemed as if the game was over. However, Georgia Tech still had some fight in them as they managed to score five in the top of the eighth, making the fans who still remained in the ballpark a little nervous. This effort was headlined by center fielder Jake DeLeo’s three run homer, but was ultimately not enough to tie the Eagles. 

Boston College was still ahead by three going into the bottom of the inning, and while this would normally be a comfortable lead, the Eagles had just shown they could easily give up five runs in a single inning. All concerns were once again laid to rest as BC surpassed their run total for the previous inning, and even reached double digits in just a single inning. The highlights of the 10 run inning came near the beginning with a Leary home run and a McNulty triple. From here, however, it seemed to be another abysmal defensive outing for the Yellowjackets. While there were a few runs hit with singles and doubles, three runs were walked in as the poor pitching of Georgia Tech was on full display. By the end of the game they had gone through 10 pitchers, and three of them failed to record a single out. 

Birdball returns to action Tuesday, April 4th at UMass Amherst before traveling to Louisville for a series on Easter weekend. 

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