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Rice Around The World Proves That Delicious Rice Is An International Phenomenon

On Thursday, March 30th, The McMullen Museum of Art hosted a unique and delicious event: Rice Around The World. Numerous Boston College clubs participated in the event, including The Caribbean Culture Club, Japan Club, South Asian Student Association, The Organization of Latin American Affairs, The Dominican Association, The Philippine Society, Vietnamese Student Association, Lebanese Club, and Boston College Asian Caucus, each with a delicious rice meal that they were proud to serve. Before dinner, attendees were treated to a cultural show from the various clubs to emphasize the reason that we were all there: to appreciate the different cultures within the BC community. 

Afterward, everyone there was encouraged to pick up a rice passport with stamps at every table so that you could visit and enjoy what each of the clubs had to offer. The whole museum felt like it was laid out for an event such as this one. Every floor of the Museum was put to use and every corner had a table serving a tasty rice-based meal. From Mexican-style rice to South Asian yellow rice, every meal was sampled, and visitors filled up their passports as they made their way through the museum. Every club brought out their best dish, and it would be impossible to choose a favorite among so many great choices. It was obvious that everyone wanted to make an effort for this event. Everyone there was excited to be able to show off their club’s dishes and everyone in attendance was excited to be able to try them out. Some of the dishes were prepared by members of the clubs while others were purchased, but they were all fantastic nevertheless. The event lasted for a brief two hours, but all those who attended were left with full bellies and perhaps a greater appreciation for the different cultures that make up the BC community.

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