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Diatribe: Post Marathon Monday Reflection (Whatever Happens at Boston College, Stays at Boston College)

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Waking up with bruises all over my body is not what I expected from my first Marathon Monday concert. I did not guess who the performer for Marathon Monday would be, and since my first experience with a Boston College concert was KYLE, my expectations were literally on the ground. When the email announcement that Flo Rida was performing on Marathon Monday arrived, it came as a huge relief to me because I knew almost every one of his popular songs. I excitedly texted my group chat, and we all got tickets early, which was a blessing because people were trying to resell their tickets for upwards of $70 on Herrd.

The first Flo Rida banger that popped into my head was "Low," and I knew that I would be dropping low until the club couldn’t handle me, as many of you also would. The reaction I had when looking through his Spotify and investigating a possible set list was, "Wait... he made that song too?" That was a nice feeling because I knew I could jam to every song.

While Flo Rida’s setlist was really fun, it caught me by surprise that he lip-synced every single song. I don’t think he sang a single word. Instead, he interacted with the crowd in a really fun way, taking people’s phones, recording fun videos, and reposting them the next day on his Instagram story. As entertaining as it was, I’m not sure it was a great tradeoff. The awkward pauses after playing 0.2 seconds of a song to try and hype up the crowd were honestly a miss and felt so cringe-worthy.

"WHAT HAPPENS AT BOSTON COLLEGE, STAYS AT BOSTON COLLEGE," he would say as he watched hundreds of 18- to 22-year-olds get body slammed to the ground. Not to mention the angry giant men shoving others and trying to push themselves to the front.

It’s clear that the concert game has truly stepped up at Boston College, artist-wise. What worries me is that Jason Derulo was last year’s performer, yet he was followed up by KYLE in the fall. All I can hope is that CAB takes notes for Stokes Set because, after Flo Rida, they have big shoes to fill.

Unlike the KYLE concert, it was truly the audience that was part of the concert, which I don’t look back on fondly. Not as many people were singing along as I expected, and then the absolute violent tendencies some people were showing were so strange. Concert etiquette is important to me, and I’d better see everyone step up their game next year. And I better see CAB bring out someone for Stokes Set that compares to Flo Rida, as well as sell enough tickets so that everyone can go this time.

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