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Lovesick: Marriage Pact is a Sham

Coming into freshman year, I didn’t know what to expect. I moved to a new state where I knew almost no one and the pandemic showed no signs of slowing down. Despite this, I quickly made new friends and was adapting well to BC. But I still felt like something was missing. So I thought I’d try the dating scene. 

“You should just get Tinder; it’s way easier to meet people that way.”

I thought I would listen to my roommate. He had a girlfriend and seemed to know how to talk to girls. After months of swiping and having him craft messages for me, I still hadn’t met anyone. 

As Valentine’s Day was approaching, I looked at my email to find something about The BC Marriage Pact. After doing some research, I thought this would be perfect! All of that waiting would finally pay off and I could let a computer find me a date! As soon as I could, I filled out the form and waited. 

When I finally got the email telling me my results, I ran back to my room to open it. I couldn’t believe it: a 99% match! Clearly, this was going to be my future wife. How could she not be with a match like that? My first message had to be perfect, so once again I called in some reinforcements. My roommate and I crafted the best way to slide into her Instagram DM. 

The conversation was going great, so it was time to take the next step and get her number. Mission accomplished! Now was the perfect chance to ask her on a date, but where should it be? Maybe something casual, like ice cream at White Mountain or lunch at Mac? 

“I’m sorry, but now isn’t really a great time for me.” 

I immediately thought of every way to excuse it. Maybe it was a Covid thing, or maybe she just had an exam this week. This was my future wife, so of course I could let it slide. We were clearly meant to be together, so I could wait. And I certainly did that. 

With a new school year came new possibilities, so I decided to take another shot. What could go wrong? 

“I’m really busy this week, sorry.” 

Right to the heart. How could this be? Was there something wrong with me? Maybe there was someone else? I still wanted to hold on to the sliver of hope that still remained, but after some encouragement from my friends (and the fact that apparently she had a boyfriend), it was time to move on. 

Every year, thousands of people around the country take part in Marriage Pact with the hopes of finding their future spouse. I listened to the promises and hoped that I would find the one. Instead, I gave myself false hope of a future that never came to fruition.