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Katherine McCabe / Gavel Media

Diatribe: Stokes Set Was Actually Good?

Based on my experience at Stokes Set last year, I was definitely not interested in attending my sophomore year. For freshmen, Stokes Set is essentially the first major BC event you get to partake in aside from tailgating and football games, but it doesn’t necessarily live up to the hype (if there even is any). After enduring Kyle and DJ Jadaboo, I didn’t think Stokes Set was for me.

When the CAB released the artist, I didn’t even bother to watch their absurdly long announcement video because I knew I wasn’t going to attend. However, my roommate texted me saying that COIN was going to be performing and I immediately remembered that in 2018 I really loved some of their songs, like “Crash My Car” and “Talk Too Much.” The tickets are so cheap compared to mainstream venues that I figured I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see an artist I even remotely like. 

Stokes Set is consistently the weirdest amalgamation of people. Although it seemed like it was predominately freshmen, many of them wearing their best concert outfits, I also saw groups of seniors in sweatpants and plenty of indie girlies of all ages. You will rarely find a concert where less than half of the audience knows a single song, but that is the wonderful thing that creates the unmatched awkward vibe of Stokes Set.

I arrived a full hour late in an attempt to miss the DJ, but lucky for me I was still able to witness about half an hour of his set. He reminded me of DJ Mandy from TikTok but less entertaining. Being in a crowd full of people awkwardly standing still in broad daylight while music was blaring was quite a trip, but as the time went on the vibes got a lot better. When COIN finally came out, it seemed like everyone started to relax and enjoy themselves. 

They were genuinely fun to watch and it was really nice to hear live instruments, which I personally think the Kyle concert lacked. The lead singer Chase was really high energy and definitely captivated the audience. I especially loved it when he ate an apple on stage and then threw the core into the crowd. My favorite thing about concerts is feeling like you’re having a collective experience with the people around you while also knowing that no one is looking at you or judging you. I personally danced a lot, and there were definitely some other people who got into the music. Even though most of the audience wasn't familiar with COIN, the energy was really good and it seemed like everyone had a good time. I recommend that all of my fellow classmates attend Stokes Set at least once, even if it's ironically, just to experience such a uniquely BC event.