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BC Football Blown Out at Louisville

Boston College Football played at Louisville this Saturday, losing 56-28. Believe it or not, this score makes the game look closer than it was as Cardinals quarterback Jack Plummer diced up BC’s defense, throwing for almost 400 yards. While the defensive side of the ball looked worse than ever, the Eagles' offense can take a small moral victory out of this game as the passing game seemed to come together under quarterback Thomas Castellanos.

Through their first two plays of the game, the Eagles' defense started hot with a tackle for a loss and a sack on the subsequent play. This would be the only time Boston College’s defense would look good as a facemask penalty on third and long handed the Cardinals their first of many first downs. The Cardinals’ first drive ended in six from a 33-yard run through a wide open hole in Boston College’s defensive line by running back Jawhar Jordan. The blueprint for how the first half would go was established here, as all six first half drives for Louisville resulted in touchdowns. Perhaps the most surprising play was the fake kneel and subsequent 42-yard run by Jordan with just 33 seconds left in the first half, once again leading to a Cardinals touchdown.

While the defense couldn’t find their footing, the Eagles’ offense started to gain some confidence with two straight touchdown drives to end the half. After turning it over on downs during the first drive, the run game behind Boston College halfback Kye Robichaux started to gain traction, which opened up the field for both BC touchdown plays of the half to occur. The first was a designed run for quarterback Thomas Castellanos which resulted in an explosive 39-yard touchdown run. Similarly, the Eagle’s next drive ended in a spectacular play by Castellanos as he scrambled on 4th and 9, finding Ryan O’Keefe open in the endzone. While the big play gave some life to Boston College, it was ultimately just a moral victory near the end of the half as the Eagles went to the locker room down 42-14.

While the second half wouldn’t be quite as bad as the first, a 75-yard touchdown on the first play from scrimmage by Jawhar Jordan ensured Boston College wouldn’t be making any sort of comeback win. While the next Cardinals possession did result in their first punt of the day (and the first victory for BC’s defense), they would give up another large play to Huggins as he and Plummer connected for a 53-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the next drive.

The defense had yet to figure out how to stop the Cardinals, but the Eagles’ offense came to play. Thomas Castellanos consistently made on-target throws which he struggled to do in previous games, and used his legs to open up the field in ways not many quarterbacks can. While there were a few dropped passes by receivers, the Eagles were able to once again make big chunk plays. Notably, CJ Lewis broke a few tackles to explode for a 36-yard catch and run to set BC up inside the redzone, and the next drive saw O’Keefe make a beautiful 37-yard catch along the sideline.

At the end of the day, all of this offensive success was simply window dressing to ensure the final score didn’t seem as egregious as it should have been. The Eagles' defense quite literally couldn’t get off the field, resulting in Cardinals quarterback Jack Plummer finishing the game 18/21 with 388 yards and 5 passing touchdowns. He was able to achieve this incredible stat line in just three quarters, as he took a seat for the fourth with his team firmly in the lead. If porous pass defense wasn’t enough, Boston College also allowed Jawhar Jordan to rush for 134 yards in just 18 attempts. The one bright spot for the Eagles was the improvements made in the pass game. While Castellanos only completed 17/33 passes, he did have 265 passing yards and 3 passing touchdowns. He was also able to connect downfield with his receivers, which was something the Eagles had struggled to do in previous contests.

That being said, 28 points should have been enough to at least keep the team competitive. Giving up 56 points, including 42 in just the first half shows a complete ineptitude on the defensive side of the ball. If the Eagles want more wins in the upcoming games, they’ll need a better showing from their defense.

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