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Katherine McCabe / Gavel Media

Diatribe: I Love my Roommates

From freshman to sophomore year, something has deeply changed in my life. All of a sudden, am I happy just existing in my room? How have my academics become better, and I feel well-rested and joyful most of the time? Could it be that I am now adjusting to campus life and have just become comfortable with college? My mental health this year is miles better than this time last year, and I have found that it cannot be a coincidence that it started when I started living with my close friends.

In my first semester of freshman year, I thought living on Newton couldn’t get any worse besides the obnoxious bus ride. There was such a sense of loneliness on Newton for me, not to mention my roommate situation was an absolute mess of boundaries being pushed constantly and friendship betrayal. My mental health being in the dumps with 4:00 sunsets and loneliness, trucking through finals was honestly the hardest time I’ve ever had at BC. Fortunately for me, I ended up meeting my best friends and roommates right around this time.

By complete coincidence, I got an invitation to live with three girls who seemed really cool in a Walsh four-person room. They had a cool style and were left-leaning, so of course, I agreed! Since then, I have gotten to enjoy late-night White Mountain runs, jumpy girl time at midnight on a Wednesday, designated “family dinners” on Mondays, and bonding time on the weekends.

Having roommates like mine has been the recipe for my mental health improving. We can go from having deep philosophical conversations to singing cringe-worthy songs and giggling about our campus celebrities within an hour. I never like going a day without hearing about how my roommate’s days went. They are the first to hear my good and bad news, and they’re the first to give good advice and settle my anxiety.
There is no one else I’d rather live in the dump that is Walsh with. We somehow made our tiny little “common room” entryway into the cutest little lounge with a tiny couch, a Lana Del Rey flag, and a Barbie poster. We laugh off the off-putting noises we hear outside of our room every weekend and have giggly girl time every night.

Having a roommate horror story in my past, it's such a refreshing change to enjoy the people that I am living with, and it is so much better living with the girls that I live with now. It’s crazy to me how much my rooming situation has helped my mental health, and I owe it to living with uplifting people. If I could sum up my roommates with one phrase, I would say that they make Walsh Hall a Walsh home.