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Authentic Eagles was started in January 2014 as a vehicle for students and faculty to share their genuine selves with the Boston College community. The series is designed to mimic the beautiful vulnerability that tends to be limited to conversations on retreats or within small intimate groups. This series is an outlet for people to share their stories in the hopes that in witnessing their vulnerability, others on this campus will be willing to open up and embrace this community and beyond on a much more genuine level. From large events to little occurrences, from life changing moments to vignettes that makes you laugh, this series aims to capture it all.

As Boston College students, it can be tempting to hide our true selves. Embracing our individuality  can help us to understand ourselves and experience the world around us as genuinely as possible. Authentic Eagles is a series that gives a voice to the people who have experienced firsthand the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being one’s authentic self at BC. We hope that readers are inspired to have conversations and reflections of their own, working towards being more authentic.

 The 2021 Authentic Eagles Editorial Team


Lauren Blaser, Authentic Eagles Editor, MCAS '22