Joining The Gavel via the EA program made me feel instantly integrated into what has become my favorite organization at BC. Beyond the official position, its accompanying responsibilities, and the growth those resulted in, being an EA allowed me to get to know fellow EAs and seasoned Gavelers from the start. While I explored and cultivated my interests and abilities in each section, the friendships and community I gained at The Gavel eased my transition into BC and made for an incredibly memorable first year.

—Anna Costantini, EA Class of 2018

The Gavel is the coolest group of people on campus, and the EA program was the best way to find my place in it. I loved getting to try out different sections and getting to know people all around the publication. Being an EA helped me find my voice as a writer and made my freshman year (and the rest of my years) so much better!

—Ellen Gerst, EA Class of 2017

The EA program enabled me to meet and befriend an incredibly fun and creative bunch of people all while furthering my writing and editing skills. With help, every article I put out felt better than the last and with every Gavel meeting, BC felt more like home. 

—Casey O'Neill, EA Class of 2016

Being a part of the EA program gave me a closer look at the editorial process, improved my writing skills, and made the transition into college exceptionally easier. Whether you apply to be an EA or not, I highly recommend joining The Gavel in whatever way you see fit as it will give you the opportunity to meet a multitude of wonderful people, and it will provide you with a great sense of community at BC.

—Nicole Rodger, EA Class of 2016

The EA program was the best introduction to The Gavel with its rotational exposure to different sections and writing styles, helping to improve my writing and editing skills immensely. More importantly, however, were the incredible people I met as a result, forming a witty, fun-loving community of writers that I could not be happier to be a part of.

—Ileana Lobkowicz, EA Class of 2016

The EA program gave me the unique chance to jump right into writing and editing hard-hitting pieces while still exploring what content area I enjoyed working in the most. Being accepted as a valuable member of such a close-knit team from the start gave me a place on BC's campus. The EA program was not only the best way to get involved at The Gavel, but at BC as a whole.

—Michelle LaConte, EA Class of 2015

I came to BC as a math major—never wanting to do anything involving writing—when I passed by a friend at The Gavel's table at the student activities fair. I signed up on a whim and went to the information session. I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and try something new and unfamiliar and was lucky enough to be accepted to the EA program. It led to me discovering and developing my talents as a writer and taking my passion for sports to a new level as the Sports Editor. Outside of my writing, The Gavel has shaped me so much as a person, helping me develop my leadership skills and teaching me so much about teamwork; it is also where I found some of my best friends at Boston College.

—Katie McGirney, EA Class of 2015

"The EA program really helped me to find my place at BC. Not only did I meet some of my best friends, I got an inside look into how the Gavel functions from an editorial standpoint and I grew as a writer as a result."

                                                                —Jackie Carney, EA Class of 2014

"Joining the Gavel as an EA was awesome because I felt like I was a part of something right from the get-go. Plus, it's a great way to get to know upperclassmen as well as other freshmen."

                                                            —Ambrey Rice, EA Class of 2014

"Such a concentrated group of people gives you the closest feeling of community and gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people you wouldn't normally cross paths with. This, on top of the ability to be a vital part of The Gavel while enhancing your writing skills, is an invaluable experience."

                                                         —Joe Castignetti, EA Class of 2014

"Thanks to the Gavel's EA program, I was able to pursue my love of writing and get a taste of how a media outlet functions; no internship or journalism major necessary."

                                                            —Grace Fucci, EA Class of 2014

"What's not to love about the Gavel's EA program? Not only did I get to continue one of my favorite high school activities, journalism, I also learned how The Gavel works and made some great friends along the way."

                                                                 —Evan Martinez, EA Class of 2014

"Beyond being a great way to ease into the editing process of a college publication, the EA program served as a phenomenal way to meet new people at BC and form a tight knit group of friends on the Gavel."

                                                         —Maddie Webster, EA Class of 2014