Learn what it's like to be a part of one of Boston College's largest student media organizations.

As an editorial assistant (EA) for The Gavel, Boston College’s progressive student news source, you’ll gain perspective on the inner-workings of the challenging yet rewarding world of student media through this introductory program to the editorial board.

You’ll cut your teeth in a variety of sections—rotating among News, Features, Opinions, Culture and Sports—to see what it takes to stay on top of the game week in and week out.

You’ll learn how to write and edit both news and feature stories, learning the Gavel’s WordPress engine along the way. And, you’ll gain invaluable experience in working on team projects and leading during the editing process. Weekly group hangouts with the Managing Editor reinforce your understanding of how the organization's editorial strategy and creative process works.

Editors and associate editors serve as your mentor throughout this program, interacting with you on a daily basis to ensure that a.) you gain a strong understanding of the Gavel’s editorial and stylistic processes and b.) are having fun!

When there’s a good balance between school and extracurricular life and play (we do a lot of all three…), we have found that everyone in the Gavel—top to bottom—enjoys their time. And with just four short years at the best college in the world, time is precious.

Not sure what you like to write about? No worries. Never written a news story before? Think a byline is a street marker? Asking yourself what a lede is? No worries, either.

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