14 Quotes That Prove Frank Underwood is a "Lovely" Valentine

With House of Cards: Season 2 going live on Netflix this Valentine’s Day, it’s only right that we remember why Frank Underwood is so charming. Each time he shifts his gaze to the camera, the audience know that a great quote follows not too far behind. Take a look at some of Frank's best quotes from Season 1 and how they translate into him becoming your potential valentine!

1. “There are two kinds of pain: the sort of pain that makes you strong... or useless pain – the sort of pain that's only suffering. I have no patience for useless things.”

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When it comes to you, on the other hand, he knows patience is a virtue.


2. “In a town where everyone is so carefully reinventing themselves, what I like about Freddy is that he doesn’t even pretend to change”

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You’ll never have to change who you are.


3. [youtube]LYnnm3L12fA[/youtube]

He understands that money isn’t everything.



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He understands people.



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He’s not interested in material gifts.



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He knows what people really want.



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Get ready for an amazing valentine's day gift!



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He drives safely.



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He knows where he stands in the grand scheme of things.



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Very open about his feelings.



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He gives and gives.


12. “There's no better way to over power a trickle of doubt then with a flood of naked truth.”

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He wouldn't dare lie to you.



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He’s somewhat of a spiritual role model.


14. "You can't purchase loyalty Raymond. Not the sort I have in mind. If you want to earn my loyalty, then you have to offer yours in return. And if we can agree to that - well, you're a man with imagination."

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All he wants is mutual trust.

After showing countless examples of Frank Underwood's tender care, it is hard to see why you would want anyone else by your side. Do yourself a favor this Valentine's Day and spend some quality time with your favorite red and white television streaming service. Oh, and make sure not to stand him up - he isn't too fond of betrayal.

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